About GPS

Glenwood Management offers parking in almost all of its luxury residential complexes around Manhattan, with the highest standards of service and security in the industry.

Many of these garages are conveniently located near major attractions such as museums, parks, hospitals, and major office areas.

Because a large number of Glenwood tenants use Glenwood garages on a daily and monthly basis, Glenwood is able to offer the same rates to non-residents in some areas that are notably lower than those offered by large commercial parking chains.

If you are seeking a value-priced parking spot with luxury standards for an event or meeting, visit our individual garage pages to see what is currently offered.

If you are seeking monthly or long term parking, visit our monthly specials page to learn about current offers.

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GPS manages more than 20 garages in luxury residential complexes all over Manhattan!

Many of these sites offer Monthly parking for non-residents. If you are seeking a secure, convenient, well-managed garage for your car, please look at the appropriate neighborhood page to find a location.


Right now, we are offering these specials:


At the GRAND TIER, located across from Lincoln Center, at 1930 BROADWAY, we have a limited number of spots newly available. Please contact FERNANDO MARROU at 212-769-0546 to learn about availability and prices.
At HAMPTON COURT, located at 333 E. 102nd STREET between 1st and 2nd Avenues.

Contact CARLO FLEURIMONT at 212-369-0764 for more information.

Terms of Service

Glenwood owns and manages garages in Manhattan that are part of luxury residential complexes.  Certain terms and conditions apply to the use of Glenwood facilities and to this website.

Oversize Vehicle Surcharges

A surcharge may apply for oversized vehicles, based on Consumer Affairs guidelines.

Posted Rates

Glenwood personnel make every effort possible to maintain and update the rates cited in this website. However, if the rate posted at the physical garage is different from the rate posted here, the physical garage rate will apply.

Information on this Site

Glenwood Management authorizes you to view and download the information at this Web site only for your personal, non-commercial use.

The content in this site is Copyright 2007 by Glenwood Management, and may not be republished or reused in any manner without permission in writing.

Job Opportunities

Position: Parking Garage Attendant

PT/FT Positions (Weekends Included)

Paid Training

Valid Tri-State Driver’s License required

Room Advancement

Good Salary/Tips

Excellent Medical Benefits


Contact: 212-535-8670